“I become a person who travels all over the world.
I want to start my own travel agency someday, to be a bridge between people, a country and a country.”

That thought was born when Yumi Fukao, the founder of Soy Travel Japan was in high school.

For that dream, she studied English and other languages hard and gained experience by studying abroad and changing jobs in eight different places to acquire the skills necessary to start a travel agency.

– SOY TRAVEL JAPAN was established on October 3, 2016.



SOY is an acronym for the family who have allowed her to take the steps required to make this journey a reality.

S = Sachiko, Yumi’s late mother who supported her dream as a child
O = Osamu, Yumi’s father, guiding light and constant
Y = Yumi, the company founder

FYI. Rice and soy beans are an integral part of Japan’s traditional food culture.
Did you know soy sauce, miso, tofu and abura-age are all made from soy beans?
A foodie herself, Yumi dreams of introducing people to delicious local foods across all Japan’s regional centres.


Our Mission:

– Eliminate any barriers to travel in Japan (language, diet, LGBTs, lack of knowledge and travel network etc)
– Increase visitors and encourage repeat visits

Our policy:

– Sustainable tourism into the future with positives for customers, locals and society

Message to our guests

Thank you for visiting our page. I’m Yumi, the owner/director of Soy Travel Japan. I’m also a national certified professional interpreter and tour guide in Japan.
I was born to travel. Passionate to explore, I’ve travelled all 47 Japanese prefectures, 60 countries and am certainly not done yet. Initially feeling the restrictions of life as a girl growing up in Gifu, I was keen to escape. However in travelling the world I learnt that in fact my hometown of Gifu city and Japan are exceptional and I have been blessed. Thus of course, my passion to show my hometown and Japan off to the world. Welcome to Soy Travel Japan!