Bye bye Heisei Era! Thank you. Paid a visit of thanks to Inaba-san & Kokuryu-san (Black dragon shrine🐉) today Heisei Era: Jan 8th 1989 ~ Apr 30th 2019 -from instagram

Hehehe someone who hunted for today’s brekky around the office, seemed to manage the right place after three times try at other cafes whilst struggling her walking with a limp in the rain.🤣@500JPY -from instagram

Once I’ve finished up with my Gifu “Morning” combo breakky with toast & cappa, another round of Tamago sandwiches today. Too hungry from 10:00am Would you like to join my Gifu Food Tour& Gifu confectionary tour? Hungry Jack My guests surely know my appetite🤣…. -from instagram

I am thankful to got to have these opportunities meeting such nice guests, customers and business partners! Ichigo ichie, “Once-in-a-life time opportunity”. Six degrees! …. – from instagram

I fancy going to onsen to pumper myself.😬️ Toyota Kaikan museum is located in Toyota-city. I always enjoy learning up-to-date technologies and environment issues here. It is free of charge and no need to book except Toyota plant tour. It is one of my favourite place in Aichi😎. – from instagram