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Full-day Tahara Sightseeing Tour

Tahara has a custom called Tahara kite which has been continuing since Edo period. When a boy is born, we give him a kite with his name on it as a present. It is so popular that Tahara Kite Festival is held on the weekend at the end of May every year. In this tour, local people teach us how to make kites, and we walk through the Gongen Forest, which is full of beautiful nature. In Japan, we call it "Shinrin-yoku", or forest bathing, is a term that means "taking in the forest atmosphere" for therapeutic results. If you

Guided Fly Fishing Tour in Gifu

Welcome to our Fishing tour! Gifu is said to be one of a place where mountain stream fishing fans long to go. Have you ever heard of "Tenkara" fishing, which is traditional Japanese flyfishing method? It is sort of fly fishing style and uses long rods, fixed lengths of casting line attached to the rod-tip and simple wet fly patterns. Especially we will try to catch Amago and Ayu/Sweetfish for this tour. This tour includes local fishing experts come along with an English speaking guide. Let's enjoy fishing in Gifu and deepen our relationship with local fishing experts. After fishing,
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New Japan Pro-Wrestling

This tour was made for my old friend from Portugal who visited Japan in 2019. Was created to assist people all over the world who love Japanese Pro wrestling like my friends. New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) fan, come and join our tour! Note: NJPW matches are held all over Japan throughout the year. We are happy to make a custom-made tour for you including accommodations, transportations and meals when we will get the ticket in any region. DATE & TIME The day when there is a Japan New Pro Wrestling game. Reservations will be closed more than 3 months in