“Your name” “Kimi no Nawa” Japanese Anime Manga Pilgrimage Tour

Walk around the city of Hida Furukawa with a guide, which is said to have been the setting of the world's hit movie "Your Name/ Kimi no Nawa". Let's reproduce the famous scene of "Kimi no Nawa" by your camera and mobile together whilst thinking about the movie. You can see the wonderful wooden buildings here and there with the skill of craftsmen. We will guide you whilst walking the beautiful canal of Seto River where carp swim and the town of white plaster walls of storehouses. Surely be a great memory of Japan! DATE & TIME 11:00-17:00 (4 hours) Available
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Shirakawa HIda Takayma Gasshozukuri tour Japan tradition snow

Day Trip to Snowy Shirakawago

Our most popular tour during winter
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Flea & Antique Markets Hopping

We are happy to customize your antique and flea market shopping tour. Gifu-city, Takayama, Osu-area, Nagoya, Kyoto and Tokyo you name it. DATE & TIME (8 hours) Available all year round in the market opened MEETING POINT Upon request MINIMUM PARTICIPANTS 1-8 people INCLUDED Interpretation Fee NOT INCLUDED Foods and drinks Transportation fees (Available for arrangement upon request) Guide gratuity *Advanced booking required. It is the customer's responsibility to inform us on any dietary restrictions or concerns.
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Food Tour Gifu

Eat and drink till you drop in Gifu! Tired of sushi? Join us for a fun night out instead!
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Food Tour Takayama

Eat and drink till you drop in Takayama! Tired of searching foodies? Join us for a fun night out instead! Get off the beaten tourist track and join a local Gifu girl for an authentic Japanese experience. Discover real food culture - a friendly tour guide will welcome you like an old friend, accompanying you to local shops. It's a foodies' pub crawl of sorts, with a delicious variety of foods, drinks and laughter. You will enjoy food and drinks alongside your guide and local Hida folk. Come hungry, leave happy! DATE & TIME 15:00-19:00 (4 hours) Available all year
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Full-day Muslim-friendly Food Tour in Iga Ninja

Welcome to our Muslim-friendly Food Tour! Our well experienced tour guide will take you to Iga Ueno in Mie. We have received many Muslim guests around the world since 2016. This tour includes Iga-beef steak set at a certified Halal restaurant lunch and taking break at pray room. Let's become a Ninja with us! Shinobi no mono, one skilled in the art of stealth still existing in Iga Ueno, Mie. A pleasant bus day trip from Nagoya takes you a day full of Ninja with Ninja costume. A Ninja expert guide will accompany you to navigate Ninja journey on the
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Gifu Sake Breweries Hopping Tour from Nakatsugawa

Located almost in the middle of Japan, Gifu Prefecture is 82% mountainous and forested. The land is blessed with beautiful clear streams of Hida River, Nagara River, Hida River, Kiso River and Ibi River. There are 42 sake breweries in Gifu prefecture, which is the 7th largest in Japan. The taste of Japanese sake changes completely depending on the region and brewery. Japanese sake that has been made for more than 2000 years. It is made from water, rice and malted rice, and is carefully and affectionately made by Toji & Kurabitos every winter. Don't you want to know how

Gifu Shrines Sansha Mairi

In Gifu City, there was a custom called Sansha-mairi, in which people visited three shrines in Gifu City especially for New Year's visit. There is a folktale that if you visit three shrines in parent-child relationship on foot, the father Inaba Shrine, the mother Kogane Shrine and the son Kashimori Shrine, the parents and their children could live happily. It is said that this custom started in the Edo period. The total walking distance is about 6 kilometers. You can enjoy beautiful nature along the way with your family and friends as well as local gourmets through this tour. Would you like to
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Guided Fly Fishing Tour in Gifu

Welcome to our Fishing tour! Gifu is said to be one of a place where mountain stream fishing fans long to go. Have you ever heard of "Tenkara" fishing, which is traditional Japanese flyfishing method? It is sort of fly fishing style and uses long rods, fixed lengths of casting line attached to the rod-tip and simple wet fly patterns. Especially we will try to catch Amago and Ayu/Sweetfish for this tour. This tour includes local fishing experts come along with an English speaking guide. Let's enjoy fishing in Gifu and deepen our relationship with local fishing experts. After fishing,
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Iga Ninja Tour

Do you want to become a Ninja? Shinobi no mono, one skilled in the art of stealth still existing in Iga Ueno, Mie. A pleasant bus day trip from Nagoya takes you a day full of Ninja with Ninja costume. A Ninja expert guide will accompany you to navigate Ninja journey on the tour. Iga Ueno has tradition and history with Ninja, Danjiri festival and Basho. Through this tour, you will enjoy authentic cultural experience with the guide. DATE & TIME 10:00-20:30 (10.5 hours) Available all year round depends on Ninja show schedule MEETING POINT At Bus stop #1(Bound for
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New Japan Pro-Wrestling

This tour was made for my old friend from Portugal who visited Japan in 2019. Was created to assist people all over the world who love Japanese Pro wrestling like my friends. New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) fan, come and join our tour! Note: NJPW matches are held all over Japan throughout the year. We are happy to make a custom-made tour for you including accommodations, transportations and meals when we will get the ticket in any region. DATE & TIME The day when there is a Japan New Pro Wrestling game. Reservations will be closed more than 3 months in