In Gifu City, there was a custom called Sansha-mairi, in which people visited three shrines in Gifu City especially for New Year’s visit.

There is a folktale that if you visit three shrines in parent-child relationship on foot, the father Inaba Shrine, the mother Kogane Shrine and the son Kashimori Shrine, the parents and their children could live happily. It is said that this custom started in the Edo period.

The total walking distance is about 6 kilometers.
You can enjoy beautiful nature along the way with your family and friends as well as local gourmets through this tour.

Would you like to join us and walk together whilst listening local folktale from the local guide?

8:00-15:00 (7 hours)
Available all year round
MEETING POINT In front of the statue of golden Lord Oda Nobunaga, JR Gifu Station
Guiding Fee
All foods and icecream
Separate cheques for extras

Goshuin stamps @300 JPY / Shrine and Goshuincho stampbook 1,500 JPY ~

*This tour will take to you 9 destinations including 3 Shrines and shops.
*Advanced booking required. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us on any dietary restrictions or concerns.
Meet your guide in front of the statue of golden Lord Oda Nobunaga, JR Gifu Station (Please refer to the picture on the far left on the bottom of the tour details page)

Before starting Sansha-meguri walk, enjoy local culture of “Morning” Breakfast set at a cozy Kissaten/cafe. “Morning” is a breakfast that comes with a variety of extras such as toast, salad and boiled egg etc if you order a drink in the morning. It’s a special culture that only exists in Gifu, Aichi and Tokai regions.


9:00am - Kogane Jinja/Shrine

First of all, let’s pay a visit to the “mother” of Kogane Shrine. “Nunoshihime no mikoto” was enshrined. A shrine known for safe childbirth as the god of the mother who is merciful and brings bountiful harvests and wealth. Recently, it is very popular as a shrine where you can receive golden goshuin on the last Friday of the end of the month.

10:00am - Inaba Jinja/Shrine

Next the guide takes you to Inaba-jinja Shrine, the husband of Nunoshihime no mikoto at Kogane Shrine. The enshrined deity is “Inishikiirihiko no mikoto”. It is said to have been built over 1900 years ago during the reign of Emperor Keiko and is one of the most famous shrines in Gifu.
It used to be a shrine to prevent floods, and now many worshipers visit the shrine to pray for family safety and prosperous business.

11:15am - Gifu Media Cosmos/ Gifu-city library

The city library is well famous for its design made by renowned Japanese architect Toyo Ito.  On the way to our lunch, drop by the local favourite recreation spot and relax for a whilst. 

00:00pm - Lunch at Sarashina

Let’s have lunch at a very popular old soba restaurant established in Gifu in 1928. You may choose Soba, Udon noodles or Oyako-don lunch. My recommendation is to try “Hiyashi Tanuki” cold soba noodle. Yum!

00:45pm - Kashimori Jinja/Shrine

Last visiting shrine is Kashimori-jinja Shrine. The son of “Ichihayao no mikoto” is enshrined here. A shrine known for family harmony and safe childbirth.

01:20pm -Rainbow icecream at Gotoya Dolce Racconto

Okay, after the fulfilled pay a visit of three shrines, it’s time to have dessert time! The shop has been launched their business since 1985. Its taste is two thumbs up! Our local pride.

02:00pm - Stroll at Yanagase area

At the end of the tour, take a stroll around Yanagase, a nostalgic neighborhood in a last labyrinth. You can enjoy shopping such as delicious sweets and cute and interesting sundries.

03:00pm - Farewell with your guide

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