Welcome to our Muslim-friendly Food Tour!
Our well experienced tour guide will take you to Iga Ueno in Mie.

We have received many Muslim guests around the world since 2016.
This tour includes Iga-beef steak set at a certified Halal restaurant lunch and taking break at pray room.

Let’s become a Ninja with us!

Shinobi no mono, one skilled in the art of stealth still existing in Iga Ueno, Mie. A pleasant bus day trip from Nagoya takes you a day full of Ninja with Ninja costume. A Ninja expert guide will accompany you to navigate Ninja journey on the tour.

Iga Ueno has tradition and history with Ninja, Danjiri festival and Basho. Through this tour, you will enjoy authentic cultural experience with the guide.

10:00-20:30 (10.5 hours)
Available all year round depends on Ninja show schedule
MEETING POINT At Bus stop #1(Bound for Iga Ueno),
Meitetsu Bus Center on the 3rd floor
Round trip fare of highway bus between Nagoya station to Iga Ueno station
Entrance fees for Ninja museum of Igaryu
Throwing Shuriken (Ninja Stars) experience, Danjiri museum, Ninja costume experience
Certified Halal Iga beef lunch
Japanese sweets
Guiding Fee
Guide’s transportation fees
Separate cheques for extras

Ninja show (500 JPY/person depends on the schedule on the day)

*Advanced booking required. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us on any dietary restrictions or concerns.
*Ninja photo by Ninja museums of Igaryu

10:00pm - Departure

Meet your guide at Bus stop #1 (Bound for Iga Ueno), Meitetsu Bus Centre on the 3rd floor.
  • About two hours bus trips from Nagoya to Iga Ueno station.

00:05pm - Lunch

Let’s enjoy Iga beef lunch at a Halal certified cozy restaurant popular among local people. Authentic Japanese style Teishoku set makes you feel satisfied with your stomach and heart. The restaurant provides Muslim-friendly pray room and bathroom.

01:30pm - Ninja costume experience

Choose your favourite colour among costume selections. Become a Ninja by wearing traditional Ninja costume and take a picture with Ninja poses. This tour includes an entrance fee and guiding fee at Danjiri museum. Learn about Iga Ueno history and culture.

02:45pm - Trip to Ninja Museum of Igaryu

Take you to the Ninja journey. Explore Ninja house & Ninja Museum to learn a day of Ninja and Ninja secrets.

04:15pm - Ninja photo session in front of Iga Ueno castle

Become a real Ninja and take a most memorable picture of Japan with us!


05:00pm - Stroll along the castle town and try traditional Japanese Wagashi sweets

Visit a traditional Japanese sweets shop that has been open for more than 400 years.

06:27pm-08:12pm Bus ride - Farewell with your guide at Meitetsu bus centre

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