Keep it a secret! It’s just for you to go around hidden famous shops in Seki-city


Seki, the cutlery town, has many hidden famous shops. Crispy tempura restaurant, Edomae-zushi/Tokyo-style sushi which you really want to keep secret, famous confectionery of Seki, chewy walnut dango, Gundam model shop where mania come from all over the country.

While strolling along Honmachi Street with our guide, we will take you on a tour of 7 recommended shops (3 Japanese sweets shops, sushi, tempura, model shops, tapioca shops, etc.). Let’s eat a lot of delicious food little by little.



I am a foodie! I love eating it.

There are many nice shops full of hospitality and  kindness on Honmachi street in Seki. It is a very important place where I can relax because there are so many shops that I feel like visiting if I don’t go for a while.

Why don’t we explore a special place that you want to recommend to others?


– This tour will go on, rain or shine.
– Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to walk in.
– Participation by one person is also welcome.
– If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, please be sure to let us know in advance.

Meeting spot:

In front of Seki City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (1-4 Honmachi, Seki-city)


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