Located almost in the middle of Japan, Gifu Prefecture is 82% mountainous and forested. The land is blessed with beautiful clear streams of Hida River, Nagara River, Hida River, Kiso River and Ibi River. There are 42 sake breweries in Gifu prefecture, which is the 7th largest in Japan. The taste of Japanese sake changes completely depending on the region and brewery. Japanese sake that has been made for more than 2000 years. It is made from water, rice and malted rice, and is carefully and affectionately made by Toji & Kurabitos every winter.

Don’t you want to know how your favorite sake is made? How about going around sake breweries with a guide who also loves Sake? Made with the desire to let more people know the charm of sake.

10:00-17:00 (7 hours)
Available from April to September
MEETING POINT In front of ticket gate, JR Nakatsugawa Station
Guiding Fee
Sake tasting

Lunch and snacks during walking

Sake souvenir
Transportation between your hotel and Nakatsugawa station
*This tour will take to you three Sake breweries in Gifu Nono & Chuno area.
*Advanced booking required. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us on any dietary restrictions or concerns.

Additional information

VehiclePrivate Taxi (1~3 people), Private Van (1~8 people)

10:00am - Departure

Meet your guide in front of  ticket gate, JR Nakatsugawa Station. A private van will take you first Sake breweries called Iwamura Jozo, which located in Ena-city.

10:40am - Iwamura Jozo & lunch

Iwamura Jozo is located in the castle town of Iwamura Castle, the symbol of a town on a mountain with beautiful stone walls remained. Established in 1789, this brewery uses locally produced rice as the raw material, and uses water that has the same properties as the water used to make sake. You can see the rails used to carry rice and sake on the tour of the brewery. After the tour, find your favourite sake through sake tasting. Iwamura has a lot of nibbles and food that go well with delicious local sake, the locals are very kind and the town has a nostalgic atmosphere and is a great place to walk around.

01:15pm - Kuramoto Yamada

We will drive along the Kiso River on the way to next sake brewery at Yaotsu town in Kamo-gun. Yaotsu-cho is surrounded by mountains and famous as a place with good water and rice. The second one is to visit Kuramoto Yamada, which was founded in 1868. It is another one of my favourite Sake breweries that makes sake with great efforts as well as I respect their great hospitality toward their customers. Here we will sake tasting and let’s find your tastes.

03:15pm - Ena Jozo

The last Kuramoto to visit will visit Ena Jozo which is famous for its sake called Kujiranami in Nakatsugawa. It is located in a place surrounded by mountains, and delicious spring water from the mountain behind is used to prepare sake. It’s a small brewery that family runs, but every year, they make a delicious sake that makes me growl. We will enjoy the breweries tour and sake tasting here. On the way back to Nakatsugawa station, we will introduce our recommended restaurant where you can enjoy delicious soba and local cuisines with local sake.

04:45pm - Farewell with your guide

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